Clinical Pilates &

Gravity Yoga® Instructor.

Lisa, passionate about actively ageing and maintaining independence

for as long as you can, 
will have you fiercely focused on improving your balance, stability and flexibility

Pieter Truter


Pilates Instructor.

Pieter our no excuses teacher will have you working hard to get the results.  Pieter through his own personal experience knows what it takes to return from injury using Pilates. 



Yoga Instructor.

Jules will help you
discover and fulfil your own abundant potential, by sharing simple and effective ways to relax, restoring balance to your whole being.

Joe Rundle


Yoga Instructor.

Joseph will have you floating out of class after infusing his teachings
with mindfulness, inviting practitioners to deepen
into the present moment, aligning body and mind
to the inner Self. 



Financial Controller.

If its not happening then you can blame Mark.  Always watching the pennies Mark provides the business with financial direction and mentors the team around our financial health.

Jason Physio Back in Motion.jpg



Jason of 'Back in Motion' lives up to his reputation
of not only getting
you back in motion but giving you are good
laugh while
doing so.

Jules massage.jpg


Massage Therapist.

Jules an experienced and qualified
massage therapist will have your tension swept away in seconds of lying down. She really has the touch of an angel.