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Reformer | Mat | Active Ageing | Clinical

*All of our Pilates classes require grip socks which can be purchased in the studio.



Designed for those who have never done Pilates before or who are keen to try Pilates reformer for the first time. In a 60 min class we go through the basics of Pilates exercise, the importance of understanding your core stability, equipment used, shapes of movement and breath. 



The exercise of choice for those looking to strengthen, balance, lengthen and tone.
The practice is on a bed-like frame that uses different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when we move the carriage back and forth. 

*Suitable for those who have completed a Pilates Foundation class.



These classes have been designed with the over 50's in mind.  We hurt a little more and we like to take things a little slower.  We have you moving and completing a whole of body workout at a pace more suitable for those of us that like the idea of exercising slowly. 

*Suitable for those who have completed a Pilates Foundation class.


Pilates is a 360 degree exercise that works on developing strong, stable muscles.  The blend of strength and flexibility training greatly reduces stress, creates long and lean muscles without bulking up and significantly improves your core  muscles.


Yin| Vinyasa | NAKARMA Flow

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice with poses typically held for 3-5 minutes, exerting positive stress on the subtle body tissues in a relaxed, receptive way to trigger the body’s natural repair response, leading to stronger and more supple joints.

The class focusses strongly on pranayama (control of breath) to increase flexibility and relax the nervous system.   It is practiced in a completely relaxed passive state so that gravity does most of the work.  
*Not suitable for those with injuries or pregnant. 

Vinyasa Flow moves through the postures progressively with an emphasis on uniting mindful movements with breath. Variations of yoga postures generating warmth in your body will build on strength, flexibility, and concentration.Students would need to have some yoga experience or regularly partake in other physical activities. Students that are comfortable and confident to self-adjust their own practice are also able to attend this class.*Not suitable for those with injuries or pregnant.

VinYin combines vinyasa flow yoga (strong energy) and yin yoga (relaxed energy).  

Students can expect the first half of class to be a strong vinyasa flow sequence focused on strength and balance; with the second half of the class focused on strong hold stretch poses practiced in a completely passive state.
*Not suitable for those with injuries or pregnant.
Our signature NAKARMA flow class moves through a variety of Pilates and yoga postures progressively with an emphasis on uniting mindful movements with breath. This class is suitable to all generating warmth in your body while building on strength, flexibility, and balance. 
*Not suitable for those with injuries or pregnant.

Barre shutterstock_1274334763.jpg



Combining the basic foundations of Pilates with ballet-inspired moves,  yoga and strength training. This class will help improve your cardio fitness, strength and posture through focusing on core strength, optimal alignment of the joints and improved balance. Suitable for Beginners | Intermediate

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